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F.A.Q. courses

Can I take the course even if I have no experience in this area? plus close

Absolutely yes, our basic courses are aimed at those who have no experience!

Can I open my business after taking your class? plus close

We would like to reiterate that our courses are private courses that aspire to the learning of a certain technique.

If you wish to open a business, you must obtain a health certificate issued by the ASL or an accredited regional body.

Where do the courses take place? plus close

The PhiAcademy is present in 139 countries around the world, we are present all over the Italian territory, therefore we invite you to contact us to discover the next dates and places!

What is the Craftmaster? plus close

In addition to the days (which vary according to the type of course) you will have several months of Craftmaster, let’s see what it is:

  • Digital platform in which the theoretical and practical part is reported
  • Inside you will find the direct chat with your Master for any questions or concerns
  • Levels: you will be accompanied step by step through practical levels until you get your logo and Phiacademy Artist certificate

Kit content plus close

Our kits provide you with everything you need to perform an average of about 40 treatments.

You can choose between different kits, the difference lies only in the type of dermograph (when necessary to perform the treatment).

Should I bring something? plus close

Absolutely not, during the live courses you will not have to use your kit but we will provide you with everything you need, including disposable!

Method of Payment plus close

Online course method of payment:

Bank transfer



Distinction between live and online course plus close

Live course

  • Day or days the classroom with the Master of reference in which we will deal with both theory and practice, it will be you, followed by the Master to carry out the complete work on a model.
  • Complementary path on the Craft Master platform.

Online course (reduced price)

  • The kit will be sent directly to your home
  • You will start your journey through the Craftmaster platform
  • When and if you want, paying only the difference in price, you will attend the course in the classroom!

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