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3 months

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Basic Training

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Information about the course

Phibright represents a real innovation in the world of facial treatments!
So revolutionary to make every customer feel unique and special, to give a cuddle targeted and tailored to every need. You will be the one and only person able to solve any kind of imperfection in the most precise way possible!
We are talking about an advanced aesthetic treatment with an innovative software present in the Phiapp, which calculates, in less than 3 seconds, one of the possible 1200 different combinations, depending on the subjective needs of our customers.
From today, you are able to create a personalized cocktail that directly addresses the problem, able to adapt to every need and every type of skin, in all of this, our serum will not contain a single millilitre of superfluous ingredients.

Phibright cocktails are not only used for microneedling treatments, but also during and after each professional skin care treatment, such as:
- all types of scrubs
- microdermabrasion
- mesoporation
- dermaroller
- fruit acids
- chemical peeling
...and also as home therapy!
We can achieve incredible results by dealing with:
- Imperfections
- Hyperpigmentation
- Lines and wrinkles
- Scars
- Dark circles
- Dull colour

Basically we will be able to treat every type of skin that is in a non-optimal state. Simply amazing!

Camila Martins

Ha iniziato il corso di formazione PhiLings nel 2018, conoscendo la PhiAcademy dopo aver seguito altri corsi, come PhiBrows e LashesLifting. La sua dedizione, passione, impegno e professionalità l’hanno portata ad ottenere degli ottimi risultati al punto di essere scelta per diventare Master per Microneedling PhiBright & LashesLifting.

“Insieme costruiremo la strada per il tuo successo”.

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