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Phiacademy, a leading company in the field of beauty and present in 169 countries has as its goal the creation of perfection based on the proportions of golden intersection (PHI - 1.618). Compared to the modern lifestyle, our studios are designed in such a way as to save valuable time and provide the maximum preparation and training possible.


We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small parts that are taught separately. It is for this reason that all courses within the Phiacademy training area are separate and are offered to our students in a completely independent way.

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Jordy Naponiello

Master Technician

He discovers that he was attracted to the world of beauty at the age of 25 and opens his first tattoo studio in 2015, approaching for the first time a removal course in 2017 and needling in 2018.
He immediately began to experiment and fall in love with techniques until, thanks to the good fortune of having attended many courses and the help of other teachers, he began to study a specific technique: the Nanoremoval. Based on the movement of the metronome of the piano, he began to experiment with the technique and to obtain different and fast results, with excellent healings. To date he has more than 200 finished Removal works and nearly 330 healing works (between second and third sessions).
In 2019, Branko Babic’s academy, Phiacademy recognizes his work and officially presents the Nanoremoval project.
Subsequently, he was appointed first Master of Microneedling for Italy and later he also obtained the title of first Master of Phibright in Italy, his latest success is the title of first Master of Phitatto in Italy.
He opened Phiseller Italia, and became the official distributor of Phiacademy in Italy, later receiving the recognition of Premium Seller Italia.

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Jordy Naponiello

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